District Highlights



This is an extremely important event organized by the Incoming District Chairman. The main purpose is to provide training, relevant information and to discuss the functioning Of various Club officers in an interactive atmosphere. Past District Chairmen and the experienced District Officers provide valu able inputs and knowledge about various thrust areas for the year ahead. Important training is also provided regarding Club functioning, InnerWheel Constitution & Bye Laws and voting procedures at all levels. Proper orientation lasses at every level are held.The District Chairman also outlines her plans and expectations for the year.


This is purely a “fun & frolic” event where no business is transacted. The sole purpose is to give an opportunity to members to meet each other, make new friends and display talent in a variety Of fields. This is the time and occasion for homely and heart to heart exchanges.The entire District Meet is conducted in an informal manner.


The District Conference is an event promoting friendship and opportunities to develop relationship while strengthening the organization. It is the time of joy and jubilation when old friends embrace each other and new friendships take roots.The Association President is the Chief Cuest.There are important business sessions-Appraisals about the half year completed are reported. Suggestions for improvements and activities are given. If necessary, elections are conducted.


Intercity Meetings are held to focus on special topics relevant to Inner Wheel. Guest Speakers from various specialized fields are invited to speak on important issues effecting society. Members also participate in Debates, Skits and va rious othercompetitions.


District Assembly heralds a new year. It is time for assessment and preparation. It is the time for appraising and evaluating the year gone by and time for setting new goals and reaching out to higher peaks. The outgoing Chairman and her team Of District Officers render their reports and summing ups the Incoming Chairman and her team are duly installed to carry forward and consolidate the good work done. Every Club President and her team of Office bearers are expected to attend the District Assembly, essentially to be briefed about their respective duties.

Triennial Conference